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UCL & Europa League Blank Screens!

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Speeds fine circa 35  and I can get SD no prob..modbro is in between SD and hd  but I want hd and some!!  got a fairly decent Samsung 55 inch not qld... but not far short .and yeah modbro  ain't that reliable.. gettin hd is  where the prob lies. Think sametboy is right .. will prob have to pay...it's just who with  and  how much.. any suggestions for good footie coverage..

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On 10/21/2020 at 2:28 PM, singasong said:

According to this they do !!!



Just opened the local beinsports app (Used to subscribe), and last night they had the Real Madrid and Ajax games on live [they also have chelseatv and liverpooltv] and they have Europa cup games or whatever it's called.

They also seem to have all CL games on Catchup.


Last night I used a nice free stream found on Reddit.

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