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Top-8 Things Do in Koh Chang




Are you are holidaying in Koh Chang or are thinking about it? This mesmerising tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand is approximately a 4-hour drive from Pattaya on the Eastern Seaboard and is located close to Trat via a ferry ride. This stunning tropical island merges breathtaking beauty with lots of luscious jungle terrain and a handful of stylish 5-star resorts and low-cost beachside bungalows, cool nightlife spots, wildlife trails, exotic beaches, and quality eateries. If you want to make the most of your Thailand holiday, here are the top-8 things to do in Koh Chang.


#1 – Basking at the Klong Plu Waterfall

Koh Chang is known for its stunning natural beauty. If you are already here, it would be sacrilegious to not visit a waterfall. The biggest and most popular Koh Chang waterfall is Klong Plu Waterfall, located near to the Mu Koh Chang National Park in the heart of the island.


Surrounded by thick jungle terrain, this waterfall is a 10-minute drive from the road, and although it is not accessed for free like some of the island’s other falls, the nominal price means the area is always clean and well taken care of. Just remember that if you are visiting in the dry season months between December and April, the waterfall might not even be there, or might be just a trickle. The best times of the year are between May and November.




#2 – High-Octane Adventures at Treetop Adventure Park

Are you an adrenalin junkie who needs his/her fix during your pilgrimage to Koh Chang? Although you thought you left the high-octane adventures behind on Walking Street Pattaya, the Treetop Adventure Park in Koh Chang is just the ticket. This purpose-built park has a vast amount of ziplines, rope bridges and much more in the heart of the jungle. Come and glide through the jungle terrain on these adrenalin-filled ziplines that float amidst the jungle canopy. If you are older than ten years old and above 1.4 meters in height, you can participate in all the activities. There are lots of staff working at the park, so you are in safe hands at all times.


Continue reading: https://www.thebeartravel.com/en/top-8-things-do-in-koh-chang/



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On 10/20/2020 at 12:22 PM, Expat Explore said:

Top-8 Things Do in Koh Chang

#1 Dodge the traffic jams

#2 Be first on the ferry

#3 Dodge the kawkers

#4 Stay upwind of the chicken BBQ's

etc etc etc

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