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Hunter Biden’s laptop is the new Pizzagate

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And yet even when the allegations are becoming wilder and wilder everyday with the supposed content, there remains not a shred of evidence that any of it is genuine. Such incriminating evidence on a l

Can you provide an explanation for that comment please? The above story and most other intelligence sources consider it as fake. Do you have some insight you would care to enlighten us with

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16 minutes ago, TopDeadSenter said:

Can you state which part of the story is a "conspiracy theory"? The Bidens own campaign surrogate stated that "I don't think anybody is saying they are inauthentic" - in reference to the emails.

 To recap, the National Intelligence head and the Department of Justice publicly stated there is no evidence of Russian interference in the emails, and the FBI concurred with those statements and had nothing to add. The Bidens own team claiming nobody says they are inauthentic, and no categoric denial from the Bidens themselves in the 6 days since the story broke, only weasel words about no scheduled meeting in Bidens official schedule.

 I have to ask, which side are the conspiracy theorists here? Did the same rules apply to Trumps "hacked" tax release that Maddow aired and Twitter allowed? Is it not a federal crime to show somebodies tax returns without their consent? Did the same rules apply to the highly contested "military are losers" story? Did the same rules apply to the peepee dossier? No. No they did not. Why now? 


You'll have to provide a credible link proving what you are saying.  All credible sites are saying that this hasn't been proven yet.  It could be true.  But so far, it's just a conspiracy theory being driven by the far right media outlets.

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This is what we should be worried about, along with CV19.  This is just a diversion for Trump and his surrogates.


Election integrity is critical for a functioning democracy.




Iran Is Behind Threatening Emails Sent to Influence Election, U.S. Officials Say


Both Iran and Russia have obtained voter information, the officials warned, but there was no indication that any votes themselves have been altered.

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