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Thai were proud and center of universe in 19th century

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Thailand has been a feudalistic country for centuries, led by a handful of powerful families. And this "elite" of the country has been indoctrinating the people ever since with exactly this xenophobia

Here's the rest of Phineas's letter from the book: ------------------------------------------------ He hoped Andrew would soon receive the letter he had sent this afternoon, without the reve

Reading a book review  from NPR of a book  -Bangkok Wakes to Rain   found this missionary's words poignant still today   "One storyline follows Phineas Stevens, a 19th-century Amer

Many here still suffer from Middle of the Universe Syndrome.


That might partially explain the high death toll on the roads.

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all this stuff doesn't mean too much anymore.   


1.  money in the 21st century rules it all

2.  money, again

3.  money

4.  maybe power, but probably money

5.  i mean, there isn't another option... money


in other countries......people value education, health, etc...because they aren't too worried about money as much.  money would be #1, but then would go to #3 as they get older.  

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Showed my daughter a map of the solar system today and asked her where Earth was. No idea. she is six years old.

"No, we in Thailand", wonderful.

Much more home schooling me thinks.


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1 hour ago, AnnaBanana said:

They're not always wrong to think like that.

Luckily, thinking is not one of their better skills!



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57 minutes ago, Elkski said:

there is  also a chapter on the massacre but not sure I can post it here. 

I sure always got the "not listen to farang treatment.  GF listens to stuff she reads on FB forums before  me"  hopefully that is changing wince a  few of my predictions have come true.

So a guy with an imaginary friend has an opinion, well impressed. (rofl)

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