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3 hours ago, black tabby said:

Thank you for telling me your unique post-disaster scenario.

You mean you would like to be a ladyboy dancer  if you happen to have  your privates removed  by loose beasts?

Little had I expected you are that determined.

No wonder dog attack is hardly your concern. 


Before you contact any of your  prospective employers,  be sure to check out something.  Thai labor laws.

Entertainment venue like that is pretty touristy. 

Therefore it might be deemed  part of the tourism industries where foreigners aren't allowed to work for.

Okay, now, reading "his" posts here and on other threads, I suspect that black tabby is actually a GPT-3 bot. Even a non-native speaker would not make mistakes in quite this way. The strange mix of aggression and informative tone. I'm not joking, read some of the other black tabby posts.

It is bad news if the forum is about to get swamped with automated nonsense posts by bots. As it already stands, some of the real members already post enough nonsense.


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Sweet Jesus. If you are a grown adult, all you need is a stick, or a few stones, or the ability to pretend you have a stone. As soon as you raise your arm they will back off. Walking around with

Dear fellow expats all over Thailand,   Writing  from Chiang Mai again. I have previously posted  "Defense against mean dogs" on July 16 this year.   Dog attack  has been an l


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1 hour ago, richard_smith237 said:


Not so... 


I was nearly chewed up by a pack of vicious dogs. 


Walking down a quiet soi, a soi I had walked down before. The soi has ‘soi dogs’ and they are sometimes aggressive and bark, bending down to pick up a stone works when there is one or two of them. 

On this day there was about 7 of them. Picking up stones didn’t work. Throwing stones at the dogs didn’t work. Charging at the dogs didn't work. In a pack they were very confident, getting more and more aggressive. 


I challenge any ‘alpha male’ who believes he can go ‘alpha’ and make a pack of aggressive dogs back down on his own.


Fortunately a passer by saw what was happening, stopped and I got on his bike before the dogs attacked. I suspect I was mere minutes away from being the victim of an attack. 





Additionally, the idea that we should be carrying some sort of ‘dog weapon’ to protect ourselves from aggressive street dogs is preposterous and highlights a massive failing of those in positions of decision making power. 



Hello, this is black tabby.

I am glad you successfully escaped from the tight spot.

Do you actually carry anything to defend yourself  against dog attacks?

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I can't recommend this, but works for me when walking. On being surrounded by

soi dogs, never look at them, looking is the challenge, and gently slow your pace,

and they lose interest..as long as you dont lose your bottle.

And dont feed one or it will move into your gaff like the one below kipping at my feet.





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17 hours ago, black tabby said:

Even when it blows,  deterrent spray  still works  in  short range of 2-3m instead of 6-7m.

I have taken dog whistle into consideration.

But it costs more than this  homemade weapon. So I dropped that idea.

And the significance of this PVC(pepper, vinegar, chili) spray is its long-lasting effect.

Dogs usually have good memory & are keen learners.

Once shot with this, they usually start to avoid me ever since,  recognizing I am not  a soft target.

And that's what I expect.  Once they start to behave better, I wouldn't shoot them again.

No aggressions,  no  counterstrikes  needed.


I use my own voice to whistle to the dogs I take for a walk in the fields everyday, it takes but a short time for them to learn the meanings of the calls.
As for other dogs they often don't like the sound.
Also when they see my dogs grouping to a whistle call they often move away.

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On 10/22/2020 at 8:10 AM, scoupeo said:



I walk in every dark small soi to check sick stray dogs, and I have never been threatened ! Could it be that I am a real man compared to most people ?



Dogs seem to have a natural sense of respect for individuals who stink, hence why they roll around in cadavers they find in the forest. Maybe you should check your BO?

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On 10/26/2020 at 9:35 PM, polpott said:


Only weapon I ever use. Aim for the teeth. Works for me.


   Rugby World Cup: Jonny Wilkinson's fairytale finish still captivates - 12  years on

If you mean you would kick them in their mouth, better think twice.

It is too far too dangerous to engage in  hand-to-hand combat  with  these beasts.  That is why I have chosen standoff counterattack as suggested by black tabby.

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On 10/26/2020 at 10:20 PM, Poet said:

I suspect that black tabby is actually a GPT-3 bot.


I suspect Black Tabby smells of cats. So when he/she walks down a soi...

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