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U.S. says Google breakup may be needed to end violations of antitrust law

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2 hours ago, jingjai9 said:

This is only the beginning. The tech companies have so much capital and influence, it may be too late to really change their course. Amazon controls online sales and they have huge defense contracts. In fact it was recently published that Amazon is expanding its new headquarters in Virginia, USA. The HQ that is in the shadow of the Pentagon. Google may be the world's encyclopedia capable of spinning information at will. 


How much personal data do the biggest tech companies own and how much of a hand do they have in the space industry? How much of the space program will be in private hands in the next decade? Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg are emerging as the 21st century equivalent of feudal lords with digital fiefdoms.


How much would these companies be relied upon if there were serious international  tech wars? Would they be loyal to their home country or their bottom line.  How about later in the century and possible communication with alien civilizations? Who will control AI? If things continue as they are now, they could be in the driver's seat. The world has never seen companies with so much capitalization and global influence.





"The world has never seen companies with so much capitalization and global influence."


Hanseatic League



East India Company






I'm sure some examples could be argued against, and other examples produced.





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