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"Drug crazed" Thai woman tries to strangle taxi driver, bit his ear - they end up in the klong

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"Drug crazed" Thai woman tries to strangle taxi driver, bit his ear - they end up in the klong



"She strangled a taxi driver"


A startled taxi driver called the Bang Bua Thong police last night after his female passenger attacked him completely out of the blue. 


He lost control of his vehicle while his passenger jumped in the klong then hid in the undergrowth next to the Nonthaburi to Bang Bua Thong Road.


Police called for her and soon she emerged. She appeared to be high on drugs. 


Though exhausted Kanokwan, 40, kept ranting on her way to Bang Bua Thong hospital where she reportedly attacked staff.


Taxi driver Prasit, 52, said he had been hailed by a policeman outside a temple and had been asked to take the woman to Lam Luk Ka in Pathum Thani. 


Suddenly she shouted "Meung taay sa" (you'll die now) and wrapped her handbag strap around his neck.


He could barely breathe then she bit his ear. 


He responded by biting her hand in an effort to get her to stop.


The struggle meant that he lost control of his vehicle and wound up partially in the canal.


She jumped out into the klong then went into hiding. 


Police said they were waiting on a medical examination before deciding what to do next.


Source: Sanook



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-10-21
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1 hour ago, NCC1701A said:

"Here you do our job. Thanks. Good luck."


Full disclosure: I don't know this woman and her behavior has nothing to do with me.


"I didn't want to tell the taxi driver of her condition in case he refused the fare". 

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3 hours ago, Moonlover said:

Just a bit irresponsible of the police wouldn't you think?

Out of sight out of mind

He no longer had to deal with the crazy woman

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Plastered passenger decides her cabbie ‘deserves to die’

By The Nation




A drunk woman tried to strangle a taxi driver with her bag’s strap, which led to a scuffle and landed them both in a canal in Nonthaburi.


Police arrived at the scene to find the inebriated woman being held back by bystanders.


Cabbie Prasit Phoekaeo, 52, said he had been asked by a police officer to drive Kanokwan, 40, to her home in Pathum Thani.


During the ride, the woman suddenly yelled, “You deserve to die!”, before trying to strangle him with her bag’s strap from behind. That’s when the scuffle broke out.


When the cabbie started feeling faint, he decided to drive into the canal. Good Samaritans then showed up to pull Prasit and Kanokwan out of the car.


She tried to attack the cabbie again but was stopped by bystanders.


Police have arrested the woman and are waiting for her to regain her senses so she can be interrogated.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30396543



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-10-21
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35 minutes ago, Jimbo2014 said:

An open wound in a klong is a death sentence! 🤮

So would taking this lady home!

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