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Thai - How difficult?

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My opinion after 30 years of Thai study.   To learn Thai presents many challenges to a speaker of a Western language beyond simply hearing and making the correct tones.   The five "tones"  b

Of the two foreign languages I’ve studied extensively, French and Thai, I’d say that for me at least, Thai’s around 20 times harder than French - ie for every hour of study to improve my French, 20 ho

My biggest issue is actually hearing the tones, I'm deaf in one ear and pretty crumby in the other (I'll spash out for an aid one day). Of course when speaking I invariably get the tones wrong and (li

1 hour ago, CygnusX1 said:

in a way that’s a bit like solving a succession of cryptic crossword clues.

Yes. I find this too - I can know every word in the sentence and not know what the sentence means... though I guess English can be idiomatic like that too... 

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