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Singha Estate reaches out to 100 agencies for sale of condo units to foreigners

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Thailand has proven itself to be one of the least friendly nations to property owners, so why would anyone with half a brain want to buy a condo in Thailand now?

Could I possibly buy a few units at under 100 million over the phone? I don't wish to travel to Thailand at the moment, at least until the vegetarian festivals are over, I don't wish to scare the loca

Lol, good luck with that - you're going to need it.  

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27 minutes ago, MRToMRT said:


We are like colonialists of old, sat with our strange views, clothes and favourite tipple as the sun goes down on our influence and wondering what did we do wrong? We can't compete with the dragon's size, wealth and power for Thailand's adulation. 

It was nice while it lasted. 

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17 hours ago, Paul Henry said:

Does anyone know what happens if a developer goes bankrupt and a small percentage of units in a block are sold what happens financially to the private owners in the complex?. There are ongoing costs to maintain the block of units this raises further questions?

They loose their money.

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8 minutes ago, Mops59 said:

Why buy property in a country when the government shuts the owners out. I own 2 apartments, have sufficient money in the bank and a O visa. And still not allowed to enter Thailand. So don't buy now. Sell your property. Because this country doesn't respect their investors. They just want to make money on foreigners and leave them hanging afterwards.

I am in agreement with your comments and sentiments 100%.  It is not just the Government but those Elites who are the real issue.  All properties here are overvalued and many left with deferred maintenance because they refuse to reduce the price to sell as they truly do not apparently need the money..  i viewed a Villa here in Bangkok, it has been empty for 3 years.  No one has cleaned inside of it, or done any outside maintenance. The pool has been drained and left empty so not only does it need work but so do the pump units and filter systems.  Yet the owner has this 4 bedroom, 4 bath, 360 SQM home for sale at 52 MB, and wants a rent of 135,000 baht per month.  It is also unfurnished.  A little ludicrous in these times.  Cheaper to buy a brand new home just outside of Bangkok.  I was looking only as a rental.

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17 hours ago, GinBoy2 said:

Same with us, sold the rentals but kept the house for annual vacations.


Like you this year is obviously a bust, and in truth we're probably not going to go back in 2021 either, since we want to wait until my wife gets US citizenship


Good for your wife!  One of the nice things about the USA is that they at least have a path there for those who legally enter the USA to continue on into full citizenship in as little as 3 years

My wife also got her US citizenship back in 2012 so now has her dual citizenship.

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Certainly there is far too much overpriced property on the market and although I keep hearing about "fire sale properties" etc I don't think it has materialised, or if it has, not by much.


Let me explain...........I live in a small rental apartment here in Patong and it's okay for what I want, if a little small for practising my culinary skills, so I often go out and about looking to see if there are any rental or sale bargains out there, but I have never found them.


It seems as though the folk here believe that the situation is only a minor blip and it will get better in no time at all, whereas what they seem to overlook is the fact that Patong is essentially a tourist town and relies on the tourist dollar/baht in order to survive, which it is not doing at the moment, with many businesses closed, and I fear never to reopen.


I'm in my early 70s, so I don't want to spend out hugely because of my limited time on this planet, however if something were to come along which at least matched what I'm paying in rental at the moment, and was a "breakeven" proposition, and was also a bit bigger than my current one, then I would certainly be interested....... but I don't see that happening here?


IMO, part of the problem here is that the real estate agents con the owners into believing they can ask a high price for the property in order to get the owners to list it with them, so it becomes an unrealistic proposition for a potential buyer.

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