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Opening to tourists: Three hundred more Chinese this month - Europeans must wait until November

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11 hours ago, ThailandRyan said:

I see a web of tangle lies will be unfolding soon especially with this little nugget.  


"China will continue to suspend outbound group tours and ban travel agencies from allowing inbound tours due to the risk of a resurgence in coronavirus cases this winter, authorities said.  The country's Ministry of Culture and Tourism made the announcement in a notice published on its website on Wednesday"


Can someone help the Thai Government understand that other countries are still not cooperating as they say they are.  Can someone explain to me who these 39 Chinese tourists really are? or, are they just really a new set of possible new diplomatic staff that have come to conduct an annual change at the end of the year in the Chinese embassy.  However, before stepping into place they get a free vacation first, just a few thoughts off the top of my head..

ThailandRyan, agreed, who-ever these chinese people are, they are not your average punter. Factory managers, diplomatic staff ? ? ?

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china says no.   https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2020-10-21/china-says-will-maintain-ban-on-outbound-tours-due-to-virus-risk

Sorry, but it pi$$' me off, this pandering to a country which should pay reparation before any concessions beyond complete boycott are made. 

There is no definite answer, their opinion changes daily, with so many "experts" coming out with different opinions. Pretty similar to most of this governments decisions on any subject.

Posted Images

I think these 'Tourists' are specially chosen party members being given a free holiday to save Thailand's image;  "You will go on a free holiday to Thailand and very much enjoy yourself."

I thought that STV's had a minimum stay period.  Are these tourists going to stay the duration?  Or quickly slip home before they catch something, as soon as all the photo ops are finished

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10 hours ago, ThailandRyan said:

Yet, in all the world newspapers and media streams they are saluting Thailand and it's re-opening of tourism.  A friend from California called and asked since tourists are now welcomed if she could get here and do a VOE.  I had to burst her bubble and tell her it was all smoke and mirrors.  She instead will be heading to Hawaii for a month and then to Belize for a month where she will work from a Villa remotely, since it is now open to travelers.

Help other economies now. Thailand can wait as long as they want

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18 hours ago, RotBenz8888 said:

No, 39 Chinese.....

images (90).jpeg

What is the site I can buy this outfit to try and sneak my way back into LOS......."Hey-YOU...Oh so sorry officer I got lost from my tour group...I was buying a mama cup in 7-11"  I love Thailand!  Im no.1 tourist have lots of $$

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4 hours ago, InevitableCost said:

European tourists may be allowed in November well that's a step in the right direction. As an American I hope I'm included in that aswell. 

Amen brother! save me a seat..just not the middle one 🙂

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If WHO's own official mortality rate of corona is 0.6%, and tons of independent scholars from some of the highest ranked universities in the world concludes a mortality rate of 0.1-0.4%, then what the heck is all this lock-down-the-border fuss about? Nonsense, all. Boring.

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We will never know, of course, just who, exactly - these 40 odd Chinese 'tourists' are, will we?

China bans outward travel, yet allows 40 'specials' to enter Thailand. Another 300 soon.

Thailand agrees - specifically Chinese nationals only.

The 40 arrivals are all suitably attired in highly protective clothing.

Did they buy these or were they provided by the communist Chinese government?

Will all Chinese arrivals be dressed the same, courtesy of China?

They will all spend 14 days in quarantine at Government approved, (and owned?) hotels.

They can stay for three months.

They can afford to stay for three months? I thought China was communist?

And as the very model of perfect Chinese tourists, they will do exactly as the are told?

One wonders who told them to behave perfectly like tourists. China or Thailand? 

So, who are they? or are they here for another reason? 

We will never know, but Kra canals and Bridges over and across potential submarine waters may offer one or two clues.....

Maybe....... !

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But at the same time China is doing this

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China will continue to suspend outbound group tours and ban travel agencies from allowing inbound tours due to the risk of a resurgence in coronavirus cases this winter, authorities said.

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