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Ten airlines operating or set to start - THAI not one of them

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3 hours ago, fruitman said:

Did Thai already refund all the tickets for cancelled flights? Who would fly with them now? They are on the deadlist me thinks.

I did see an article that said it was millions in unpaid refunds

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Busy selling donuts, that's why.

Thai is scared that their planes will never leave foreign soil.

That's the hole problem.🍩

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1 hour ago, AlfHuy said:

Thai airways managed to leave European soil, leaving the bailiffs wondering, why they can't find the planes.


Thats an interesting photo. I thought I knew my aircraft, it looks like the cockpit of a Handley Page Victor.

Is that in Thailand or is that perhaps the West Indies looking at the architecture. ? Many years ago there was a good thread in the Isaan section about places where aircraft were being used for things like restaurants.

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On 10/22/2020 at 4:32 PM, ratcatcher said:

What, did the passengers have a whip round for the avgas?

Many many years ago BOAC pilots used to take Amex cards to pay for fuel and in some locations an attache case full of dollars would only suffice.

Check this one out


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