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Thailand lifts emergency measures aimed at stopping protests

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I wonder what the catch is, there's always a catch.  

They were 100% army in yellow shirts last night at govt house, the rest are civil servants made to turn out and a few old brainwashed die hards. Very few of the former middle class yellows for reasons

Well for once Prayut has done something sensible, had he left the emergency measures in place, it would have lead to major unrest and probably violence.

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3 hours ago, Mavideol said:

he did it in 2014 and he's (doing) going to do it again in 2020.... grab power


This time there will be resitance which cannot be ignored.

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4 hours ago, lujanit said:

That story refers to tour groups not families or individuals travelling.

So, can we now expect thousands of families and individuals to flood into Thailand...? 

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2 hours ago, JusticeGB said:

If a country declares a state of emergency foreign countries often issue travel advisories that advise their citizens not to travel there. Also it gives insurance companies the right to void their policies. 

So, nobody is travelling here anyway..... 

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