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Thailand lifts emergency measures aimed at stopping protests

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2 minutes ago, Orton Rd said:

illegal coup

rigged election with un elected senate majority appointed

appointing senior post to a convicted heroin dealer

rubber stamping the watch mans pathetic justification for wealthy assets

banning the future forward party, it's MP's and leader for getting too popular

etc etc etc



maybe Thailand's not the place for you ......    lol

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I wonder what the catch is, there's always a catch.  

They were 100% army in yellow shirts last night at govt house, the rest are civil servants made to turn out and a few old brainwashed die hards. Very few of the former middle class yellows for reasons

Well for once Prayut has done something sensible, had he left the emergency measures in place, it would have lead to major unrest and probably violence.

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6 hours ago, colinneil said:

Well for once Prayut has done something sensible, had he left the emergency measures in place, it would have lead to major unrest and probably violence.

Likely Prayut decided to back off before he would be embarrassed by the courts as violating the law.

PM Yingkuck tried using State of Emergency in 2013/2014 to shutdown PDRC anti-government protests. Protest leaders filed suit against such use and the court ruled that such use was illegal against peaceful protests even when they occupied Government House. 

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1 hour ago, steven100 said:

For all those concerned,  Gen Khun Prayut Chan O Cha is not continuously occupied by the student protests, he has dozens of other daily schedules and meeting to attend.  The reason for his lifting of the emergency decree is simply because it's not warranted at this time. Should the student make trouble and violence again I am sure he will re-issue the order for emergency decree at the drop of a hat.  Hopefully the protestors will heed Khun Prayut's warning and get back to work and school.

Excellent work by Khun Prayut and the government.  Also, at this time Gen Khun Prayut Cha O Cha has been inspecting flooded provinces such as Changchasoe and Nakhon Ratchasima, as he needs to witness the devastation and crop destruction first hand. He has ordered the army to provide food, transport and shelter to the poor and needy.  





I think how smitten you are with your unwavering admiration for this guy is on the same level as same as that of all the New Generation Thai have their hard driven angst against him and his regime and elite cronies. I sort of admire it in an odd sense. In most any other circumstance I would like to be on the same thought level as you as it is a respectable quality. You certainly are entertaining.

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1 hour ago, rkidlad said:

Latest theory now is the emergency decree was dropped because they wanna release their hired dogs for the big protest on Saturday.

They can’t do that properly if the law states no more than 5 people. Do not underestimate what the people in charge here are willing to do to not concede even an inch. 

I’ve always said that a revolution will mean bloodshed. Me saying this didn’t really resonate with me as I didn’t think I’d ever live to see the day. It’s now dawning on me that I most likely will. And it’s depressing because it’s all utterly unnecessary. All because a few deplorables don’t care about anything but themselves. 



Now you win the 186 point Regime smoke and mirror banana. That is exactly why Pinocchio and his sidekicks did it. Bravo!

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57 minutes ago, tribalfusion001 said:

Excellent article, it is quite shameful that grown men try to intimidate school children and uni students who just want a better future for the country.

Hired labour, anything for a few Baht. 

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