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Position of new immigration minister regards foreigners living in Thailand on ret visas .

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As for nearly everything here in Thailand : " Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst "

Hopefully this guy is less xenophobic than his predecessors. The money Thailand takes in from expats annually reverberates out in countless ways. Even the rural folks benefit. Alot of the nicer houses

I understand there has been a new person appointed to be the head of the immigration, visa etc. department.  Any comments on his disposition towards those of us living here on retirement visas?  I ful

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NON-O is issued by the Immigration Department and they have the authority to turn that into an annual immigration visa. Most farangs that I know and are married to a Thai use this visa. there are no age restrictions as far as I'm aware and I know one sub 50 year old who got an ME from Savannaket last year after they stopped issuing the MEs elsewhere.

NON-O-A is issued by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and is issued to 50+ year olds. 

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4 hours ago, jacko45k said:

Nobody here has crystal balls......

I sure hope not, when they bang together when you run they would shatter.  Now Steels balls would be better, but the so is a Magic 8 ball.

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2 minutes ago, itsallmine68 said:

Exactly be a Boy Scout and Be Prepared . How the H do we know But wait I do have an afternoon appointment with them next week for tea and cakes. 

My Oiuji board told to go and get Fked

old coots.jpg

I hope they have there work permits.  Giving advice is a Thai job however.

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