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Govt warehouse agency in trouble over suspected graft

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Govt warehouse agency in trouble over suspected graft

By The Nation




Five private firms are thinking about suing the Public Warehouse Organisation (PWO) over alleged corruption related to a Bt112-billion purchase deal for surgical gloves.


The organisation reportedly closed the deal with local company, Guardian Gloves, on August 13 and the contract showed Pol Colonel Roongroj, then-acting PWO director, as the buyer.


Meanwhile, seven companies had signed a separate deal with PWO worth Bt186 billion. However, one of the firms, KK Oil and Gas Company, is accusing the government of refusing to help the private sector amid the Covid-19 outbreak and forcing them to lose revenue by blocking exports at a time when global demand for surgical gloves was 15 times higher than usual. The company also accused the authorities of corruption.


The company also suggested that PWO sign a new deal with Guardian Gloves, or there may be negative consequences leading to the private companies suing PWO.


Roonroj said the initial deal was not approved by the PWO board, adding that mistakes may have been made but there was no corruption.


Full story: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30396606



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18 hours ago, webfact said:

Pol Colonel Roongroj, then-acting PWO director

The police have their fingers in so many pies, that there is just no time for crime solving left.

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19 hours ago, PatOngo said:

Noooooo! They all seem like such good people and they all love their Ma!

Go the temple regularly to make merit, forgive their sins and long may it continue. 

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Just another honest mistake, all above board - unfortunately there was a minor error made, but be assured there there wasn't any corruption "as no Thai would do that". 

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31 minutes ago, djayz said:

It's strange how headings like this one don't even surprise me any more. 


They are just a complete waste of time and hardly worth making... 

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