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Expat in Koh Samui Prison on drug charges, nearly $3,000 raised to get her out

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Expat in Koh Samui Prison on drug charges, nearly $3,000 raised to get her out

By Caitlin Ashworth



PHOTO: Facebook: Ashley Oosthuizen


A 21 year old South African woman is locked in Thai prison after she allegedly signed for a package containing 250 grams of MDMA, an ingredient in ecstasy, according to a GoFundMe account. People say she’s innocent and have raised $2,966 USD to get her out. She’s apparently facing drug charges that carry life imprisonment.


Ashley Oosthuizen has been living in Thailand for more than 2 years. She worked as a teacher at an international school in Koh Samui, according to her Facebook page. The GoFundMe page says Ashley started Hot in the Biscuit, a breakfast and brunch restaurant on the island.


“She is well known in the community and liked by all who meet her. She is truly a wonderful human being with a heart of gold.”


While Ashley was at work, a package was delivered and addressed to her former boss. She signed for the package, but didn’t open it and set it aside. Later, the police raided the shop and searched the package, finding 250 grams of MDMA, according to the GoFundMe page.


Apparently, Ashley was arrested and charged with importation with intent to distribute a Category 1 narcotic. Importing a Category 1 substances carries a penalty of up to life imprisonment and a fine of 1 million to 5 million baht under Thailand’s Narcotics Act.


“The case against her is absolutely horrible – there is no evidence excepting the unopened package addressed to her former friend but because the package contained 250 grams of drug they are holding her as the one responsible.”


The GoFundMe page says Ashley was drug tested and came out negative. Her friends say they expect the case to be dismissed, but say Thai courts move “painfully slow” and they don’t want Ashley spending time behind bars waiting for a court date.


“Thai prisons are not like Western prisons. She cannot stay there so long. She is only 21 years old. She is an innocent victim.”


To donate to the GoFundMe account, or to read about Ashley’s story, click HERE.


Source: https://thethaiger.com/hot-news/crime/expat-in-koh-samui-prison-on-drug-charges-nearly-3000-raised-to-get-her-out



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It should be investigated to see in the Thai criminal code what it says to the culpability of the person receiver of a prohibited and controlled goods, if the law says that who ever signed for that is the owner of the goods that is going to be a problem for her...

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