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Expat in Koh Samui Prison on drug charges, nearly $3,000 raised to get her out

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The package was intended for someone else. As it's written on it. Let's not engage in wrongful arrests. That's a criminal offence these days.  The fact that she signed it simply proves that the p

My next load of crack cocaine I will have delivered to my house in someone else's name...if in the event it is detected I am innocent as wasn't my name on the package...life's not that simple...

Seems you just discovered the weak spot in her case. Some of us actually know what farang teachers get paid. Wonder if she's got a work permit for the restaurant? Obviously the cops k

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On 10/23/2020 at 9:28 AM, BritManToo said:

Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll ..........

Pricing of drugs from Google, as I no longer use them, and when I did MDMA hadn't been invented.

MDMA was first synthathised in the 30s. Became popular in 60s counseling circles in USA for purposes of marriage guidance counseling as it creates a sense of love, warmth and empathy. First turned up as a street drug around 1981..

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Looks like the saga is continuing on the Hot in the Biscuit page. Now more drug smugglers, international schools, Bitcoin, scammers etc. Getting my popcorn out now as it's like a movie in the making...



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And also, don’t forget that Fundraisers are one hell of an amazing chance to launder dirty money (such as the one coming from drugs 😃).


No wonder they raised the goal 10x to 30,000 USD. They may even raise 10x again 😂

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Simply don't sign for anything you are not 100% sure is yours.


This kind of <deleted> happens to me every month - i almost think it is a kind of game...🤨

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