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With time running out, Trump to go on offensive at debate in bid to catch Biden

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Most know this Hunter email scandal is bogus.  Only Trump's hard core supporters believe in it.  He'll do himself no good attacking in this manner.  For the majority, it will just make him look more s

The 60 minutes interview that Trump just released made him look pretty bad.  He still seems a bit shocked when people don't suck up to him like Fox News and his inner circle.   Hopefully he'

Any sane person watching that debate would not vote for Biden.  Pity him, yes.  Vote for him?  No.

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I think the debate worked out well for Trump. The changed format made him look far less like the bully he is, and he even landed a few punches. Of course he lied countless times and received a few punches as well, but all in all he survived without any harm done.

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5 minutes ago, placeholder said:

I loved Trump's quick comeback when Biden retorted about Trump's failure to reveal his taxes. I just can't seem to quite recall it. Can you help me?

Old news, move on. As said by others lights on, nobody home sounds like ole joe.

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