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With time running out, Trump to go on offensive at debate in bid to catch Biden

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Most know this Hunter email scandal is bogus.  Only Trump's hard core supporters believe in it.  He'll do himself no good attacking in this manner.  For the majority, it will just make him look more s

The 60 minutes interview that Trump just released made him look pretty bad.  He still seems a bit shocked when people don't suck up to him like Fox News and his inner circle.   Hopefully he'

Any sane person watching that debate would not vote for Biden.  Pity him, yes.  Vote for him?  No.

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2 minutes ago, Fat is a type of crazy said:

Jim Carrey picks up on that Biden look well on Saturday Night Live. Biden may be slower but Trump is way way ahead on dopey comments.

I'd  don't mind having a President who takes his time to make a good decision, rather than a President who just goes by what comes into his head, or what he sees on  Fox News or how it benefits himself. He says he goes by gut instinct but that's a concern when you think you are a genius but you are not.  

I don't have a problem with ole joe much, it's the influence the far, far left will have on him and his decision making.

It seems it takes joe longer than it should to hear the question and come up with a response.

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4 minutes ago, sucit said:

Biden's chance of winning 65/35


Biden's chance of being alive and coherent after the election 20/80

Ya sure about that?


Biden is slightly healthier, study says, but both presidential candidates may be ‘super-agers’

The presidential candidates and their supporters will likely keep belittling the other guy as a doddering old fool, but a group of geriatric experts say in a new paper that both President Trump and challenger Joe Biden appear to have the physical and cognitive tools to make it through four years in the White House.

In fact, the two candidates’ relative good health and other advantages — parental longevity, access to top-notch healthcare and abstinence from smoking and drinking — suggest both men are likely to become long-living “super-agers,” who thrive well into their 80s, or beyond, according to a draft report written by three medical doctors and four researchers with expertise in public health, survival analysis and statistics.

Three of the authors of the paper — Stuart Jay Olshansky, a public health professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago; Dr. Bradley Willcox, director of research in the Department of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Hawaii’s medical school; and UCLA Professor Hiram Beltran-Sanchez, an authority on the demographics of aging — wrote previously about how presidents tend to outlive average Americans.


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2 minutes ago, Jeffr2 said:

Stuttering causes that.  Trying to get the words out when you can. 


Trump didn't miss a beat...with his lies and bashing others.  But that's typical of him.  One reason the nation is so divided.

I had a ginormous stuttering problem when younger, so no it's not typical. If it is then you have to know your limitations, like maybe I shouldn't be president if I can't convey my thoughts. 

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Garten would not identify the bank in China where the account is held. Until last year, China’s biggest state-controlled bank rented three floors in Trump Tower, a lucrative lease that drew accusations of a conflict of interest for the president.

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28 minutes ago, TopDeadSenter said:

And you fret about Trumps tax returns??!!

So you think it's ok that Trump hide hes tax record!? Fact is he's companys pay tax's other coundry's but not in US!

Hes bokkeeper's work can't see "daylight" . He's make big loose's is the reason don't need pay tax in US, but in China hes make only loose's  also and still pay tax there! So he "round" tax's only in hes own coundry!

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