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With time running out, Trump to go on offensive at debate in bid to catch Biden

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Most know this Hunter email scandal is bogus.  Only Trump's hard core supporters believe in it.  He'll do himself no good attacking in this manner.  For the majority, it will just make him look more s

The 60 minutes interview that Trump just released made him look pretty bad.  He still seems a bit shocked when people don't suck up to him like Fox News and his inner circle.   Hopefully he'

Any sane person watching that debate would not vote for Biden.  Pity him, yes.  Vote for him?  No.

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2 minutes ago, placeholder said:

We await your detailed criticism of Trump with interest.

But, that's what we're offered and should we be left with joe, wait and see how his policies will change to placate the very far left. It will be interesting to hear how joe might spin his policy changes.

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1 minute ago, TopDeadSenter said:

At what point do people say hang on a minute, I have been wrong about literally everything since 2016, is it time to quit watching CNN and MSNBC?

During these troubled times I quite like to watch CNN before breakfast. Every day should start with a good laugh.

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1 hour ago, Fat is a type of crazy said:

Joe Biden's long career and eight years in office without achieving these things


Senator is a cushy job and not really conducive to getting things done.  As Stacey Abrams put it, she wants to be in an administrative position because she wants to do things, whereas as a member of  legislature, well, look at what a pig's breakfast US Congress has been these past years.

Vice-President is somewhat of a joke.  I learned in grade school the veep is there for only two things: to replace the president if need be, and to break a deadlock in Congress.  That's it.  They might do things like goodwill trips around or out of the country, or have a pet project or 2: e.g. VP Gore pushed through a telecommunications act to develop internet infrastructure.  Biden and Obama seemed somewhat close, which is not the norm.  There have been some infamous animosities. Kennedy and Johnson were barely on speaking terms, or so it was said, and when LBJ inherited the Vietnam War he had absolutely no idea what sort of play JFK was pursuing. 


Oh yeah, the joke:

Q; What does the vice-president do?

A: nothing

So when asking Biden what he accomplished as vp, the answer is nothing, because that's his job.  In fact, Obama's guys would occasionally tell Uncle Joe to be less visible because they didn't want The Boss to be upstaged.



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Just now, EVENKEEL said:

I'm terribly sorry if I upset you. 

You've reminded me of Flanders and Swann. " Always be sincere, whether you mean it or not".

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9 minutes ago, bendejo said:

Are you implying he actually has another mode?  You're going to have to post some pretty convincing links to back up that one!  :clap2:



He plays a lot of golf, and cheats at it. Will that do?

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