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Tourism minister tells the Chinese: Come to Thailand, STV is not group tours

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So everything running normally.

Except that they were not tourists. From another spokesman from the CCSA - The successful trip of a government delegation from China.

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12 minutes ago, AlfHuy said:

next year, bring a certified copy of the copy who before was a copy of the copy you made from the original, which was also a copy.

Sign on both sides, stamp it and make a copy.

Don't forget, blue ink only.

Make sure it is a "BIC" pen, otherwise the ink won't be recognised as a true signature on your copy.



I did prepare exactly that once, but still got denied, since my grandmother's signature was missing on all documents. 

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And if you are lucky, north of Chiang Mai, you possibly will come across "lucky". He is the last one of his kind.


Book your hotel now, before it's to late.

Night tours on sale here.


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3 hours ago, RichardColeman said:

............and if you buy a condo on your tour all the better

With a work permit thrown in... now what was it Thailand lets you do?

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It appears as the authorities are dancing like a cat on a hot tin roof.

With so much Chaotic energy around the globe , that after some thoughtful consideration,

can only be described as “ Bat sh!t crazy “ no one is immune. 
One of the problems with pathological lying, is, it difficult to remember what lie you told who , when and where.


from my balcony I feel like the world is going from a 6 lane express way, to a 2 lane side road. Serious choke point.


it is however, a great time to negotiate on just about anything...........Ah sweet Karma.


Quite a time to be alive.
I’ll go ahead an pray for reconciliation.

And a free everything, under natural Constitutional  law, punt the Admiralty Law BS.


In conclusion, there is a nasty rumor of a 2nd lock down. This is where the gloves come off and sovereigns fly their true flag. We will no more on Nov 4th.

Get your popcorn 🍿🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺👽l

Pray for our Australian brothers and sisters, they need our help at the moment.☮️

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I have stopped saying anything more. 
Since I have been a member in March, I have seen a right Mish Mash of Government thinking and decision making, that is just like a small family business having problems with feudal family members and bickering. It is just beyond belief and any sensible rationale thinking to make all these claims and put in all these stringent measures in place. Plus, thinking people will come.. 
I am completely lost for words, and I seriously wonder how the country has got to where it is today !

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Yes Sir

And even without COVID with your gov at the wheel losses will be huge due to key factors. CHINESE are a waste of space. And Thais want white tourists. Which you don't want. You will be history next election anyway. By then Thailand will be destroyed.

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9 hours ago, webfact said:


Pipat Ratchakitprakarn said he may need to have a word with the Chinese authorities


Have a word .! Who does he think he is ? Arfur Daley .. 


9 hours ago, webfact said:

Addressing the Chinese he said: "There's no problem  - come to Thailand. We know you want to!"


max out on the seafood buffets .? and we are ramping up production of our new super mega shrimp to cater for your every stampede .. 

9 hours ago, webfact said:


He told Daily News that lots of Chinese would like to come to Thailand but many were just waiting to see how arrangements for the first visitors - who arrived on Tuesday in Bangkok - panned out.


He described this group as being "ambassadors" leading the way for others to follow


Please stop it .. you've dug a deep enough hole for yourselves with that one already .. 

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