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White House releases raw footage of Trump's '60 Minutes' interview

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A bully , a baby and an embarrassment to all fair minded people. How on earth can anybody still support this clown ?

if you cant take the heat, get out of the kitchen...and there goes Chef Trump out the door...

Same as most cults, they're brainwashed to think he can do or say no wrong.

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3 hours ago, evadgib said:

My post was clearly aimed at a future event whereas the one I replied to implied that Trump's term would expire after 4 years...


A year ago we Brits saw our election plagued on this website by Ponti's (Posters Of No Tactical Importance, ie they're neither citizens nor on the electoral register of the country they routinely slag off). I am a Ponti in this particular instance which is why I rarely stick a toe into the Trump threads but chose to pipe-up on this occasion as it was becoming a little one sided.


I am optimistic that the Ponti's plaguing this thread are as wrong as ours were last year 😷

ponti is not an acronym. it's a fabric.

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33 minutes ago, whaleboneman said:

They elected George W. twice and I thought he was a complete idiot. Now he seems more of a statesman by comparison with the orange clown.

Funny that you say that. He's made it clear that he's not voting for 45 but it might help propel Biden into a landslide if he explicitly endorsed Biden. 

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The Big Windup is next Thursday: him and his are going to put something out there to carry through the weekend preceding the election.  Just another reality-show style cliff hangar. 

A big up to Borat for his Guiliani October Surprise.



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