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Giant sea turtles make a comeback near Natai Beach.

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Takua Thung villagers in Phang Nga Province called in staff from Khao Lampi-Hat Thai Mueang National Park after finding turtle eggs at Bang Kwan Beach, near Natai Beach earlier this week.


The staff quickly arrived and set up a exclusion zone and will guard the eggs 24 hours per day until they hatch. 


Prints found in the sand indicated the mother turtle had 94 cm chest width and a 182 cm paddle width. She had laid the eggs in a good spot, avoiding sea water flooding so staff decided against relocating the eggs.


Tin mining in the past along the west coast of Phangnga decimated the local turtle population. With the help of dedicated locals the turtles have been slowly but steadily making a comeback, firstly at Thai Muang Beach about ten years ago, and earlier this year nests were also found in Bordan Beach Phangnga and in Mai Kao Beach Phuket. This nest is the first in Bang Kwan since the tin mining era.








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