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American marrying Thai in Thailand. After marriage paperwork, any yearly or monthly government obligations?

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10 minutes ago, MICHAELDUTCH said:

The second option (40000 bht monthly)....is that also for 2 month to show?

Most offices will want to see 12 months of transfers into a Thai Bank from abroad. The rules show 2 months of transfers is enough for the first extension application but most will not accept it.

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I would recommend a Massey prenup. Also, when I was married to a Thai national, I did not use that as my means of staying in Thailand - I stayed on a retirement extension. That may not be an option fo

I'm American. A year ago, while working in Thailand. I met my thai girlfriend. I'm planning to get married to her in Thailand and stay in Thailand.    After I get all the paperwork process t

You do not have to do anything to remain married. You do have maintain a permit to stay in the country. After married you could apply for one year extensions of stay based upon marriage that

2 minutes ago, MICHAELDUTCH said:

mr Ubon Joe
So if they NOT accept ...........then what options i have left?
1. a 60 day extension based on beiing married?
2.a normal 30 day extension?
3. BOTH?

The best thing to do is to show the 400k baht in the bank to do the extension one year extension if it has been in a Thai bank for 2 months. If not then apply for a 60 day extension to visit your wife and apply when it has been in the bank for 2 months

Start do the transfers of 40k baht now and use it to apply next year.

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4 minutes ago, MICHAELDUTCH said:

Can i do BOTH?
First  a normal extension 30 day and after that a 60 day extension based on visit my wife

Yes you could a 30 day and then a 60 day extension.

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15 hours ago, connda said:

I suggest that unless you plan to take her back to America where she can obtain a green card and get set on the path of permanent residency and citizenship, you may want to rethink marriage. 

You will be a third class, non-resident "visitor" for the entire time you are married to your Thai wife and living within Thailand.  You'll submit requests annually for permission to "temporarily" reside with your wife and family.  You'll be required to report your address every 90 days much like a felon out on parole.  There is no path to either permanent residency or citizenship base on your marriage - unlike the US and just about every other country in the world.

This is a highly nationalist and xenophobic country and as a foreigner you're not welcome nor wanted. Possibly unless you are independently wealthy.  You've been warned.

You make a good point. It's something that I have thought about with my girlfriend-taking her back to the US. You're right. I have felt the nationalist and xenophobic side of the country. 

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15 hours ago, connda said:

If you should ever have a break in employment and no longer can show 12 consecutive months of income over 40k, you have a serious problem as you'll be invited to leave your wife and family behind as you are unceremoniously kicked out of the country.  No break in employment and income my man.  No temporary unpaid furlow due to Covid-19.   Due to no fault of your own you could find yourself tossed out.  The Sword of Damocles will hang forever suspended by a horse hair over your head.  Like most of us.
And given the current Covid hysteria, the option of obtaining a multi-entry non-O visa based on marriage is now out of the cards,  And if borders do reopen I would not depend on that avenue.


Again.  Thailand has no compassion for the basic human-rights of a Foreigner-Thai marriage.
If you really love your girlfriend, take her back to the US and marry her there.

I agree with you about Thailand not being concerned with foreigners. I've seen other foreigners kicked out for any reason. Taking her back to US is something I'm considering. 

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18 hours ago, Bangkok Barry said:

I have no idea what the passbook codes mean. TRD might be Transfer Domestic?

On the inside back cover of my BB Passbook there is a list of the codes in 3 languages. TRD is listed as 'Transfer from Other Account'

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15 hours ago, MICHAELDUTCH said:

i do understand....but still not sure if my 12 month extension will be ok if i use TW in my Krungsri bank
You mentioned "reason for transfer"...............i use the reason " monthly support for family"  or must i use another reason
Do you think i still can use my TW to Krungsri bank?

Or can i just sent a international transfer to my Krungsrri bank..which is expensive but its definitley an international transfer coming from abroad.Must i also give a reason when using the last option?
I am married and 60+
Thank you

As I said, I doubt any Transferwise transfer will show up as International to Krungsri as it is not one of their partner banks. The options are to try and use Transferwise PDF receipt in conjunction, or pursue back from the Krungsri end to get confirmation it was International... rather a lot of effort. Hard to predict what your particular immigration officer will be happy with. 

All they want is confirmation it is coming from overseas.... 

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