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Drug dealing grannie off to jail after trying to flush her stash down the loo

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LOL I warned you about those grannies!  And the pointing of the crime scene!  Grannie was grabbing that red bowl chucking bowls full of water down that squat toilet mak mak!  Flush damn u..FLUSH!!!!!  Splash!(floats back up)SPLASH!!!(spins and floats back up)..If its yellow-let it mellow--if its brown(opium) flush it down(if u see the cops coming that is) 🙂   Well I guess its back to the sangsom for me......and find a new granny on loy kroh....

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On 10/23/2020 at 12:05 PM, webfact said:

A weighing device was also taken into evidence.


Is taking my body weight an illegal activity? 


Good that I am so careful, I don,t want to get arrested for cutting my toe nails. ( Unlawful possession of a weapon ??? )

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