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Hoteliers back plan to build bridge connecting Koh Samui with mainland

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6 hours ago, madmitch said:

So we have:


The Koh Samui Bridge

The bridge over the gulf connecting Chonburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan provinces

The high speed rail network

Mass transiit systems in Phuket, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phitsanulok

The Phuket tunnel and expressway

The continued expansion of the public transport system in Bangkok

The Don Muang Suvarnabhumi link

I've probably missed a few


If gambling were legal I'd run a book on the completion dates of these projects, as long as I keep all stakes for non-completion by 2030.

At such times with Covid the people need dreams and hope. I can't recall a time here with so many project ideas. I think after Covid most projects will be forgotten. 

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10 hours ago, soi3eddie said:

A bridge would be at least 26kms long at a huge construction cost. Dependant on bridge tolls vs existing ferry fare costs, it could reduce transport costs and certainly speed access to the island. I can see why hotels would want it and I'm sure locals, visitors and other businesses would too. Once the bridge is completed (if ever) I'm sure flight costs to Samui would fall dramatically due to the travel competition.

Can the island cope with the influx extra traffic that a bridge would surely generate?

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3 hours ago, phetphet said:

Now there is confirmed COVID-19 on the island as of today, they had better hurry up with those ASQ hotels.

Let us not muddy the water. Today's case on Samui is nothing to do with a bridge to the island.

There have been 3 inbound cases of covid infections on Samui. Two French guys back in March arriving here from holidays abroad and this French lady. Only this lady is not French, she has dual citizenship. She stayed in state quarantine and not ASQ. Only Thais can stay in state quarantine.

4 hours ago, ronaldo0 said:

No point in doing quarantine. Some French/Thai woman went through it and left clear of Covid , then contracted it in samui 🙈 oops !

She didn't catch covid on Samui, she brought it with her. Probably caught it in SQ. (My words.)

2 hours ago, Deli said:

Take away the monopoly from BKK airways and open Samui airport to every airline.

Samui airport has been open to other airlines for years (at least seven airlines from memory - pre covid.). Not every airline can land here - the runway is too short.

A bridge to Samui would only reduce travel time from Suratthani by approximately 3 hours or less.

BUT with tropical storms and wind guests up to 80 kph, is it safe to cross a bridge under those conditions?

Environmental impact of building a bridge? A study on that will not really happen.

A bridge has been proposed for many years. It is a political thing. Not a practical thing. Same as opening another airport.

3 hours ago, Deli said:

Who the hell still needs a bridge ?

You are 100% correct.

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4 hours ago, Grumpy one said:

2130 more likely  

Or should I choose 2525

In the year 2525 it will be a great hit...👍

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Hey the bridge would be good in good weather, and it could have watser, and fuel lines running under the deck to provide them services to the good people of Samui. I have flown in and taken the ferry to

the island, and a 30 minute drive across the bridge may be okay if there are no strong

winds or such to wreck the drive. Another nice pip dream, but hey as some said, It may be built 

by the time that tourism is back to 50 percent of the old normal. 555


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IMHO the bridge is indeed "a bridge too far".


I agree with Deli in his earlier post. They need to improve and modernise the ferry services. Better, ports at both ends, and bigger capacity  ferries.


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On 10/23/2020 at 8:23 PM, Surelynot said:

Relax.....never going to happen


Plenty of opportunity for investigations, inquiries etc etc etc that benefit the usual suspects. No need to actually build the thing, which would be completely uneconomic and possibly be un maintained. Hopefully Raja won't be running it if it does get built.


Far cheaper would be to buy some new(er)car ferries that don't sink, and train some crew properly. Also a passenger hydrofoil from Surat town to avoid that diabolical bus trip to Don Sak.

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