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BREAKING: French woman on Koh Samui tests positive for COVID-19

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So either the 14 day quarantine is a load of BS or Thailand isn't as secure as they lead us to believe...  

That's the "Covid free Thailand" up the Suwanee !  She may have caught it from an untested Thai.

Increase quarantine ro 3 weeks

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15 minutes ago, canopus1969 said:

Increase quarantine ro 3 weeks

Some provinces, not all, have additional home quarantine once a person arrives in that province after 14 day ASQ.

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5 minutes ago, 4MyEgo said:

any dead cells from past viruses would flag a positive result

How long do you think an immune system (that's working well enough to deal with Covid in short order) leaves dead cells floating about?

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Just now, ourmanflint said:

because testing is mostly or solely done on those in quarantine, it is only finding positive case of those in quarantine, when it could easily be out in the general population.

This sounds plausible...

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