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BREAKING: French woman on Koh Samui tests positive for COVID-19

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4 hours ago, Miami007 said:

How was she allowed to enter as a French citizen in the first place?

I was under the impression that borders were closed except for diplomats and people with work permits. 

STV only had first arrivals this week from China?


Something is missing from the story. 

Early on in the reporting, it was said that the lady in question had dual passports. Both Thai and French.

However, that does not fit the government's politics, so she is a tourist. (French)

It seems to me that the most dangerous place in Thailand is in quarantine.

By the way, the STV's from China were a government delegation. Not tourists. (As said by the Foreign ministry, not the TAT.)

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So either the 14 day quarantine is a load of BS or Thailand isn't as secure as they lead us to believe...  

That's the "Covid free Thailand" up the Suwanee !  She may have caught it from an untested Thai.

Increase quarantine ro 3 weeks

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4 hours ago, Sheryl said:


Mullis -- who died before COVID was ever identified -- never said anything of the sort.


What makes you think Thailand is using a high amplification? And not factoring amplification into its diagnostics?  In fact prior announcements have done exactly that, i.e. specified when the amplification was such that the person was unlikley to have live virus present.


Note that you will not get a positive PCR result at higher amplifications unless the person has at some point had COVID and still retains some of the virus's genetic material. No amount of amplification will cause a positive result otherwise.

The NHS is using 45x, USA 40x and India 40x, I would assume everywhere is using around 40 to 45.


There was a video posted on here with Dr Mullis saying exactly what I quoted and that was you can find anything with PCR if you look hard enough, he was talking about the misuse of PCR, I have the video liked in my YouTube.

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1 hour ago, ThailandRyan said:

Thai national with French citizenship. Returned as a Thai and her husband and child came as well on the right visas. Thats how I read the info.  They live on Samui, not tourists.

no, everybody is a tourist for Thailand government.

But i know one Thai national woman born in France (so she born as French woman) and she speak Thai pretty good and maybe she is better Thai than some other born in Thailand (not maybe, it is sure).

But still the people in the administration talk to her as a French woman and not a Thai (i don't know what is "Thai" followed by "national" concept mean... is it different than "Thai" ?).

Maybe this is the story time there ?

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2 hours ago, Stargrazer9889 said:

So how did this woman catch the virus, is she an anti-masker, or is she one of those who

have to hug everyone they meet up with.  Having no morals, she goes shopping with a fever,

how uncaring and callous. I hope that no one else has gotten sick because of her.


maybe a "dirty charly worker" ?

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So what does this woman do?


Work with the French Embassy or something?


Because most people would not visit their embassies once quarantine is over.


Or is she a business woman of some sort?


So she got admitted to the extortionate private Bangkok Hospital in Samui, probably had to pay a fortune for a covid test, probably had to push them as well for the test, seems like hospitals in Thailand are reluctant to test and will do everything in their power to convince you not to test, in line with the Government policy - do not test and you will not find -. "Only imported cases, no local transmission" is the motto.


Meanwhile, people die of viral pneumonia or shortness of breath, not being tested, and life goes on in covid free Thailand.

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6 hours ago, suzannegoh said:

Let's just take at face value the statement from the medical moderator in this forum that the specificity of the PCR test for Covid is 95% and that by repeating the test it becomes 99.75% percent.  That implies that for every 10000 people you test that you'd get "only" 25 false positives.  There are roughly 60 million people in Thailand, so it you tested everyone there should be 150,000 positives just due to the specificity of the test being less than 100%. That compares with the official number of there having been about 3700 cases in Thailand.  So in that sense Trump might have a point about it not being a good thing to test everyone; if Thailand tested more than just those showing symptoms or those who recently entered Thailand they'd have tens of thousands of cases instead of only a few thousand.


But at 100% sure, if you don't test, you will see nothing. And because of that, better would be to not speak about what you can't know about to not loose credibility.


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1 hour ago, Sametboy2019 said:

If the husband and child are not positive it seems its not that bad. I honestly believe that people are giving it to themselves more than anything else touching eyes and face


"dream... a more reality..."

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News break.  They have found the smoking gun. A piece of workout equipment in the ASQ hotel she stayed at tested positive for Covid 19 on it. Now no more mystery.....again you can not make these stories up.

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6 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

News break.  They have found the smoking gun. A piece of workout equipment in the ASQ hotel she stayed at tested positive for Covid 19 on it. Now no more mystery.....again you can not make these stories up.


There are indeed specific machines in my gym that work out the ass muscles a.k.a. bum.


Is that what the infected ASQ staff was doing in their cigarette breaks?

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