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UK lawmakers worried about lack of Brexit preparations

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5 hours ago, Loiner said:

Your poor googling skills are not my problem. You will probably be happy living in ignorance anyway. 


For the vast majority of UK business there will be no effects at all. The others would have to prepare for the eventualities that you imagine they are not aware of. Why not give them a call to warn them so they can prepare. 


Most pundits have about as much idea as you do. They probably also predicted a Remain vote. 


The businesses not impacted by Brexit aren’t making any money for the UK.

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Maybe they didn't do it because they couldn't believe so much stupidity?  

No anti-EU articles in the Express today? Plenty of substance. This infrastructure is needed on 1 January but it may not be ready  on time. Yet another example of Johnson's "world beating" IT e

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I think all you need to do is ask Michael Gove.....he will tell you....."Well I simply don't agree with your analysis".....you will drift off to sleep as he does his Kaa impression.....and all will be well with the world when you wake up.

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16 minutes ago, jesimps said:

I'll bet my shirt that this "influential group of lawmakers" are all remainers who've spent the last several years trying to thwart every bit of pro-Brexit legislation put through parliament. If it's correct that businesses are unprepared for Brexit, then Westminster remainers are the main reason that this is so.

Do you have a link or evidence for these wild assertions.......chummy, sunbeam, matey....😆

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4 hours ago, RuamRudy said:


I had a mate in college who drove a clapped out VW Jetta. He knew it was junk but he was really proud that it had a Goodman stereo, then considered the cream of boy-racer car stereos. But the fact was that the stereo itself was garbage too; the fascia kept falling off, the sound was distorted and it kept chewing up his tapes. But he still crowed proudly of his Goodman stereo nonetheless.


That stereo is your 'landslide majority'. Anyone with a basic understanding of numeracy knows that the significant majority of the UK electorate rejected the Tory party and rejected Johnson. So while they did, indeed, get a ridiculous number of MPs, that does not confer popular support - the true he majority are against them. 


Did you whinge and complain about your mate's stereo as you are still doing about Boris's win? Maybe you should call and remind him that you hated it.


A stonking majority of 80 seats over the combined forces of sub-mediocrity. Even an increase to 48 seats for the yapping SNP still leaves them in parliamentary irrelevance. How did the Garuniad see it?




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2 hours ago, natway09 said:

Actually, there is a lot of substance here & they are quite right.

Thousands of decisions & planning that should have been done years ago,

Someone is just waking up to the belated urgency that nothing is in place


Because you and the TVF Remainers don't know what the government has been doing for the past four years does not mean they have not been preparing anything. The  Department for Exiting the EU (DExEU), with many others, has been particularly busy since 2016.






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Does the Emperial British Government already published the laws the British foods, toys, electric appliances, sport goods, chemicals etc should apply to ? Or.. just copies of the EU laws and regulations ? Maybe BE instead of CE ? And BReach instead of Reach !  Of course no access anymore to the RASFF  and EFSA databases

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