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I own the condo but nobody lives in it

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Back in 2008. I bought a condo in a complex, Bang Na. All by the book, the developer opened my Thai bank account solely for money transfer. All I have is the contract,  my name in it.


Now, my Thai wife inquired, appears that nobody lives in the condo although we pay all the bills for maintenance, the invoice comes to my email address. There were 3 years we had never went there. Both wife and our daughter (16 years old) are in house papers of my wife's home in Wang Nam Yen, Sa Kaew. They have Thai IDs stating that.

Could be a question how to legalize my daughter (a Thai national) to be moved from the sticks' house papers and become the owner of the condo. No yellow or blue books, we have nothing. All blank. We live (green card) in Japan. For health reasons, my wife is banned from taking a plane to Thai (or to anywhere).


Would engaging a lawyer in Thai be needed?

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Thank you, blackcab.


According to my wife, all we need is to transfer their house papers from Wang Nam Yen to have them listed as the inhabitants of that condo that I bought. And their Thai IDs changed to the new address.

Just asked her, she might be ill informed, she claims, it can be done on the floor,  the house papers moved, all from Bangkok, but nobody travels now.

I am not into protecting my property, why would I do that,  my wife and daughter can have it all, that is what I actually want. Not like now, nobody lives in the condo.

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Personally, in a situation like this, I would talk with a recommended Broker who has usually a good relationship with the Landoffice. 
That would probably be more realistically priced than a Lawyer's hourly fees.

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You might want to check to see if you owe anything for HOA fees or utilities etc.

Kind of important if management has no way to contact you?

Don't know about here but We used to buy many HOA leins in the usa.

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One other thing to consider since you are going to transfer to the name of a minor.

Minors can own property but they cannot sell or transfer property themselves.

If there is any possibility that the property may be sold encumbered or transfered before your daughter turns of legal age you might want to discuss with an attorney?

I would use a trust with an adult or company as trustee, but not sure of title law here?

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