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The domain name info

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There's not a lot of information on the website as a business, though they do seem to have people spamming a LOT of forum and message boards with the url.  If accessing the site for sample questions then probably little harm.
The OFFICIAL UK Website is  https://www.gov.uk/life-in-the-uk-test
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It looks more like a third party website charging more than going straight to the gov.uk site, if you go to the gov.uk site as above and start an application DO NOT PAY, and see if the test  centre listed matches the one your wife went to

can you remember when booking did the site transfer you to the  gov.uk website?   


How to book the test?

You must use the official booking website to book the test. You will need to select your preferred test location from a list of available test centres. There is no difference in test difficulty between the test centres and we advise you to use the closest one.

How much does it cost to book the test?

The fee to take test is £50. This is the total fee you should be paying. If you are paying more than £50, you are probably using 3rd party providers to book the test on your behalf.


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I found their T&Cs where they openly state that you can book the test on Gov.uk without their £26 admin charge but you wont get their study aids (which we never got anyway) or cancellation fee.


I just found it weird that there are no reviews or recommendations for this company.  Even their FB page is devoid of any customer activity.


A lot of my wive's friends have used the same test centre but none of them have passed to be able to say it was legit.  She passed earlier this week and a friend of hers failed yesterday.


I'll report back here after we have submitted the ILR application and we find out at that point!  🙂

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I think this is OK as they clearly tell you that you can book the test more cheaply directly and that they are not affiliated to the government. So no attempt to deceive. If they found a test date then you would have been able to do the same directly and more cheaply but the main thing is she has passed. I don’t think she has anything to worry about but always better to book direct.

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