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Quarantine Tales #1: Thaivisa talks to expats in quarantine: “It’s all very professional just don’t ask for an Irish coffee”

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I  miss the wife and daughter like mad, but, rather u than me George, 100,000 baht just basically to get into thailand is pathetic - i'll wait.

Quarantine Tales #1: Thaivisa talks to expats in quarantine: “It’s all very professional just don’t ask for an Irish coffee”   Image: Reuters file photo   Today Thaivisa begin

That confirms there’s no logic to it. 

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20 hours ago, martin81 said:

Why the no paracetamol regulation? I take medicine like paracetamol and other painkillers daily for post-cancer pains. And some other medicine for hign cholestorol.

And I am sure many people take paracetamol daily without having fever or covid.


So if you take any medicine while in quarantine then would they confiscate it or what?

 think it because the pain killers reduce some symptoms if you were having symptoms. I checked with my ASQ for my medications (cholesterol etc) and they said no problem


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11 hours ago, davidstipek said:

Are they going to:

1: Take it from you?

2: Let you dink it before you go into Quarantine?

3: Let you dump it in sink or trash can?


Last time I left Seattle Nephew had stopped at Liquor store for me and met me at Airport. My Bags had already been checked so the 2 fifths of Yukon Jack were stashed in my Carry on. When I went thru Inspection to get from outside to inside Airport, They said No! I cannot board or go thru Inspection with it they were going to Confiscate it! I Opened one and Drank it! The 2nd I offered to others to share, the last 3rd I dumped in Tash can!


Boy did TSA get <deleted>! They thought they were going to claim the 2 Bottles... Not on my watch!!! Hardest part of this was the extensive search that I was presented with in fact as retaliation ( per Pilot and Stewardess behind me in line. They actually waited for me to get though the ordeal even with TSA Employees repeated statements of what are you waiting for.... Move along... They stayed! (Note here: Don't tell me that the stuff we discard because its not allowed to be carried onboard stays in the trash. Their actions here proved to the Hundreds of people behind me that is a false statement if they tell you this!)


Escorted me to my  Loading (Gate) area, Stewardess even left returned with a very stiff cup of coffee (I was going to be a very Sober Drunk... I saw a McDonalds and went ordered 3 double Cheese with triple the cheese, they even made me 2 super thick Grilled Cheese (4 slices on each)  on Hamburger Buns (I paid total of 28.00 and a 5 dollar tip to shift manager. I got back to my Gate with about 20 minutes before Boarding. I was amazed that The Stewardess was also on my Flight she came and got me as they started the process... At this point I Needed a little Help, but was able to walk like John Wayne (Swagger)


In Korea...  we flew into Soul and I went to customs free area and bought almost 20# of varied Chocolates. The Crew I had left Seattle with would also be on flight to Chiang Mai. They had taken perfect care of me as I slept most of that leg after we got Airborne the Tomato Juice with Lime continued. After Dinner I Rang the lead Stewardess and gave her the Chocolates for her crew and Pilots. Even got a visit from the one who had also helped me. In all my years here sometimes 4-6 round trips a year I seemed to have flown with this most excellent Staff extensively!


They knew it, as Usually I would bring a Large Harley Part as a Carry on and they would hide it so if rough airspace was encountered, it wouldn't crash down on someone's head.


I had enough Cheese in me as well as Toasted Buttered Buns (With the Grilled Cheese) to protect my Stomach so I passed 90% of the alcohol... If I had had a Venereal Disease... I would have killed it! I had unintentionally drank the Bottle of 100% Proof and Shared the Bottle of 80% Proof. Probably if I had had it in me, to choose a Companion in Thailand... If she had an issue... I would have Disinfected her also! (Just sayin...)


But If I had gotten the Alcohol in Time and was able to put in My checked Baggage and it was as times are now... Would they have taken it from me? Would they haven given me a Receipt for it? Would I have been able to "Drink it ... Then to my room! To Bed! 160 Winks...? or what would they have done if I just Dumped it!



And we wonder why they want to clamp down on visas. Ride em Cowboy.

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13 hours ago, Shey420 said:

He came from Sweden to cambodia to Thailand. Related but unrelated, is cambodia allowing tourist from Thailand, USA  and Europe? 

I wonder too. He didn't say what visa he arrived on. Also the 3000$ deposit in case of getting ill?

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15 hours ago, Golden Triangle said:

Why do you or the rest of the anti alcohol/weed brigade automatically attack people who ask a perfectly logical question ?


As it happens I'm drinking my 2nd glass of Red wine this evening, the time now is 22.00hrs, I had one with dinner earlier & I have just finished watching a movie as I had my second, you and your ilk are like flies, very annoying but ineffectual in the real world. Please, be quiet.

Poor man. I see it hurts you... 😂😂😂

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Welcome back to Thailand George

and you all.


Thank you to all for the reports they have been very helpful and instresting to read.


Hope you are all free soon to return to a more normal routine.


Best of Health to you all.






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1 hour ago, Letseng said:

I wonder too. He didn't say what visa he arrived on. Also the 3000$ deposit in case of getting ill?

NON-O (family) plus WP3


Cambodia deposit was earlier

lowered to 2,000 USD, and I got it back after 2 weeks.

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On 10/24/2020 at 8:16 AM, richard_smith237 said:


What compromises would you make to ensure you can see your family again soon ??????? 





What compromises would I make .. paying to be treated as some sort of unclean being and agreeing to getting locked up for a fortnight with my right to choice curtailed wouldn't be one .. but my circumstances are different to many on here and as such I do not criticise those who have family and asset's in Thailand who feel they have no option other than to agree to this to gain entry to Thailand again .. my bitch is that the very idea of ASQ's smacks of Thailand thinking " we don't trust you but want your money so we see an opportunity where we will wring you to gain entry here again " .. Aside the rest of it like fit to fly cert's , why cannot they treat the folk with family and property and stuff there to do the stay home for a fortnight after they fly in .. the very thing suggested near the bottom of the article after you've been freed from the initial 14 days in captivity on arrival ( do they not get what a dumb thing that was to say ) .. the vast majority of folk I know there are responsible enough to do 14 days at home if it were the requirement .. But the authorities don't allow any exercising of individual responsibility so instead they come up with and insist on the ASQ idea that to my mind preys on people who have a need to return .. 

As long as they persist with this they will be painting thereselves into a ever decreasing small corner for it can only rake from those who have a need to return and are willing to undertake it .. it is not a goer for mass tourism as anyone of the belief that going on holiday is to relax and enjoy are not going shill'y up to be treated like they in a 14 day real life edition of Porridge before they're even into holiday mode ..


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Paracetamol confiscated?  What about prescription medicines?  Would I need a Dr. letter before I leave for Thailand.


Line Aps and Tracking Ap.?  I do not have Line, and have never used it.  I use a basic mobile phone with no apps.  So what will I do.  compulsory purchase of an expensive phone I do not want and will never use, or just the normal Thai shrug and carry on as I was??


Everything else I have read here, I could put up with, but Line seems to be an integral part of the system, so what if I do not Line?


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