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Friend's mercy dash proves in vain as driver killed in broken down car

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Friend's mercy dash proves in vain as driver killed in broken down car



Image: Daily News


Police and rescue services that arrived on the Bangkok ring road (Route 9) yesterday found an Isuzu D-Max carrying fruit smashed up and a Toyota Wish in the middle of the road. 


The collision happened in the Sai Mai area near a rise to a bridge. 


The driver of the D-Max Theerawat, 64, suffered injuries to both knees and chest pains. He said he had been to market and was going to Bangkapi. He was travelling in the central lane then went to overtake before colliding with the Wish that was parked on the right side of the highway.


He was taken to Phayathai Nawamin Hospital. 


Dead in the passenger seat of the Wish was a 46 year old man. 


A friend of the deceased said that he had called him after saying that he had hit a barrier and suffered a flat tire 

He arrived on the scene and was attempting to direct traffic away from the stricken vehicle when the collision occurred.


His friend was sitting in the car waiting for breakdown rescue services to arrive.


Source: Daily News



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-10-24
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1 hour ago, richard_smith237 said:

Where possible, never stay in a broken down vehicle on the side of the road. 


That most basic of safety measures is taught us early on (in the UK anyway). 


Why is it that Thailand fails in its most basic care of its citizens? - is there no duty of care placed on the government to at least teach its citizens basic safety measures?. 


When a whole nation can wear masks in the matter of weeks, why can’t they wear helmets, seatbelts, not ride on pavements and not speed through U-Turn junctions etc....  ?


Why can’t Thailand play road safety information at key times between TV shows?? it's a basic measure and navigates towards mitigating a major problem. 



We all remember (in the UK) the ‘Don’t dazzle, dip your headlights’ campaign, we were all taught to cross the road as kids (green cross code)...  It would be very easy for Thailand to implement road safety education at key times between TV shows.


Why don’t they do it??? the answer is obvious. Those in positions of decision making power don’t care enough about the problem. 




I asked my Mrs that knows everything she told me it boils down to costs of advertising ! you better believe it !!!!!

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8 minutes ago, richard_smith237 said:


What a daft response - quite surprising from you NL.


If educating people of road dangers is considered ’Nanny State’... what of actual laws ?????


Do you consider speed limits an imposition on your human rights?


Perhaps you think driving licences are ’too nanny state’ NanLeaw ???   Your 'Nanny State argument’ in light of Thailands


Your suggestion implies that any attempt by the government to improve Thailands road safety and cut down the terrible death toll would be ’nanny state’ interference with people’s freedoms.




Education? Laws? Human rights?Just had a quick look out the window and we're still in Thailand.




2 minutes ago, richard_smith237 said:



Not really....   we could argue all day about what Thai’s believe and how significantly they care for and morn the loss of a life. 


What we all know is that Thai’s get upset when they loose a loved one. 


The seeming lack of value on life seems more to do with a lack of education about how to prevent such issues - better education would result in less tragedy.


No Thai wants to be killed in a road accident no matter what their Buddhist beliefs regard the ‘vehicle for the soul’ are. 


The real issue at hand is that most are simply unaware of the consequences of their actions - basic education addresses this, it's a step in Thailands roads towards development and could have been taken long ago. 




I'm not arguing. Thai people, like pretty much every human being, get upset at the loss of a loved one. But then they get over it and drive like an idiot.


But it's your gong so carry on.

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1 hour ago, Legendary Monkey said:

The victim's car wasn't parked at the side of the road, it was parked in the outside 'overtaking' lane.

just by looking at the Linked Article, it is not really that clear; whether the broken down vehicle was in the Right Lane, or the Right Verge? Lucky the roadway was a Divided road, otherwise the Isuzu might have caused more carnage; by playing Chicken with oncoming traffic

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