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marriage visa - how long money in bank account after the initial 2 months ?

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7 hours ago, donmuang37 said:

FYI - Got my extension of stay 28 days after initial application as usual.  But for the first time ever, my wife had to make a deposit, update my bank book and bring copies to the IO at CW.  Just a fluke or...

That has been a requirement at CW for about a year now. They should of told you it was needed when you applied for your extension.

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After getting your one year extension stamp done in your passport there is no requirement to keep the 400k baht in the anymore until you top up your account 2 months prior to your next extension.

Hardly a significant amount of money. Keep it year round in a dedicated bank account or live off it for shortish period.

In previous years I have withdrawn 100,000 Baht or so from my fixed deposit account, where I keep my 400,000, once I have got my extension stamp. Most often I need to temporarily park the money in dif

An update from me on what happened when I visited the Kalasin office today. A question that should have taken less than one minute to answer took more than 10, but that's par for the course here.


The receptionist didn't speak a word of English, and when I asked another officer whether I only needed to keep the 400,000 untouched until I made my application for the one-year extension she said yes, and she also told me I had to leave it untouched until my application was granted!


After going around it circles for several minutes, what I took to be a more senior officer was summonsed and she confirmed that the money must remain untouched until I actually receive the extension. So the money needs to be in the bank for three months, not the two months they originally state.


When I mentioned that different offices appear to have different policies she told me that they just changed the rule at that particular office as they had 'a big problem' last week because a man from Guyana withdrew his 400,000 on the 18th and made his application on the 21st, and this was caught by Khon Kaen but, apparently, not the Kalasin office who were probably taken to task over it. They had taken the foreigner's word for it that he had not withdrawn the money. Because of that, now everyone must keep their money in the bank until the whole process has been completed. One person has screwed it for the rest.

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I recently applied for my first extension of stay based on marriage to a Thai. I applied (on 20 Oct) 30 days prior to my 90 day Non Immigrant O visa expiration date of 18 Nov 2020. Two immigration officers came to the house two days later on the 22nd and at that time told us that they will make their decision on 18 Dec. I said "you mean 18 Nov right?" And they said "no, we are giving you an extra 30 days past your 18 Nov expiration date and will give you our decision on your extension of stay on 18 Dec." Also told us to bring our updated bank book in Dec. So that's almost 60 days from time of application to time of decision. Has anyone else been told to wait 60 days?

It then ocurred to me to ask if I needed to do a 90-day report on 18 Nov or just wait until 18 Dec. Their response was report for 90 day on 18 Nov and report again on 18 Dec for their decision. Is this a new policy now? 60 days?

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