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Is On Nut a nice area to live?

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I'm moving back to Bangkok and I'm looking into what area to live in. I'm considering On Nut and I'm wondering if it's a nice area to live in? 


I used to live in Asoke but now I'm looking for an area which is mostly Thai, cheaper and more quite. Yet, still in a great location on the Sukhumvit BTS line and with nice modern condos. 


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On nut = farang ghetto.    I can't think of worse area to live in.     

I saw the beginning of that video. The guy makes a lot of assumptions with limited knowledge. 

I enjoy living in On Nut, it has everything you need locally + is only 5 stops away from Asoke on the BTS if you wanted to go into "Town"   I live very close to On Nut BTS station & pay

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9 minutes ago, OneMoreFarang said:

Some time ago I checked condo prices kilometers away from where I live now, which I think about as the center of town. The prices don't get much lower until far away from the center.

For me it makes no sense to live somewhere (a little) cheaper and then traveling every day an hour or more for various reasons.

Maybe you like On Nut, but better think twice where you want to and have to go all the time.


The condo prices get lower the further away you go from lower Sukhumvit area. I think those differences are quite large.


And it depends on what you see as center. In the past year I was in the lower Sukhumvit area only 2 times. I don't really know what to do there. And I don't know anyone who works there. Most people I know are free to choose where they work. And those who do have to go to the office do not go to the lower Sukhumvit area. It is also an expensive place for companies.



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