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Decent Drill Stand or Bench Drill Press wanted.

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1 hour ago, bartpix said:

Anybody have an idea where I could get one of the above? It is just for light occasional work, so second-hand would be fine.

All the usual places have them like Global House, DoHome, Thai Watsadu, HomeHub, HomePro etc.

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I'm surprised that Thai Watsadu didn't have them, how about Global House?


Lazada have many suitable for light duty although ours came from MegaHome where it was on offer, IIRC 1,500 Baht. At this price it's not worth looking at used machines.



We are assuming you mean something like this:-






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18 minutes ago, bartpix said:

Thanks Sometimewoodworker, I was thinking more about a Baht 2,000 odd machine.

It would be only for occasional use.


About right just check out so large local "building materials store". Google maps is your friend.


If I am not wrong I saw at least one in Global House, one in a local store and... 

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I too am looking at small drill press tools.  I like the look of the OKURA YD-13P (about 2000 baht) as it is Japanese made(?) I think.  Get the largest size chuck (not 1/4") and be sure there are belts to regulate the speed.  Good luck.

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^ Yes, Hardware House would have been my first pick.


Up in Udon, we are blessed with a huge barn of a place called DoHome (Ubon Watsadu) where, if you are inclined, you can buy the steel stock, pins, guides, cranks, shafts, belts, motors and all the rest and custom-build your own drill press. But they also have a vast selection of drill presses of all sizes and budgets to-go.

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23 hours ago, bartpix said:

Have had a look in a couple of "Mom&Pop" hardware stores along Sukhumvit without success.

The closest Global House is Chonburi - I'm in Najomtien - so I'll try Megahome in Ban Chang first.


Sent you a PM

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