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Krabi: Tourist's little boy attacked by pack of stray dogs at Ao Nang

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Krabi: Tourist's little boy attacked by pack of stray dogs at Ao Nang



Image: 77kaoded


Thai media reported that a four year old boy was attacked on Klong Haeng beach, Ao Nang, by a pack of stray dogs. 


Little Attachai was with his mum and siblings enjoying a morning out on the sands.


Two dogs - park of a pack of four - went for him. As he tried to run off they seriously injured his legs.



Image: 77kaoded


They even attempted to drag him off before help arrived in the shape of a hotel gardener who assisted the mother.

The boy was taken to hospital. 


Rescue staff said it was the first attack in the area this year after a foreign boy was attacked last year.


Victims of dog attacks are usually children, they said.


Calls for the local authority to act were also made.


Source: 77kaoded



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-10-24
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Time to cull this nightmare it's out of hand everywhere 🤔

Agree entirely, catch every last one of the damn filthy pests, then a bullet in the head. 

Let’s not over react..   rescued by gardner....I guess family allowed him to wander off w/o supervision or not paying attention to surroundings?   another brake failure?

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Fight fire with fire, we have a very well behaved group of dogs in our soi, they know us all and react violently and protectively if any strange dogs appear. They also seem to get on well with the local feral cat population. 

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