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Krabi: Tourist's little boy attacked by pack of stray dogs at Ao Nang

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Time to cull this nightmare it's out of hand everywhere 🤔

Agree entirely, catch every last one of the damn filthy pests, then a bullet in the head. 

Let’s not over react..   rescued by gardner....I guess family allowed him to wander off w/o supervision or not paying attention to surroundings?   another brake failure?

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Good tourist  draw.  Let me at em. I would pay to kill them.    Modern air rifles with  video cameras on the scope to document they ran  free and soon  these dogs would be a worthy quarry.   No loose dogs at all.  If a dog is off leash no collar with rabbies tags its fair game. 

Can have contests that move  from city to city. 

Let's hope this mauling and past ones get picked up in the news internationally.    

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stray dogs are all around in Ao Nang, NoPPharat  Thara, beaches, the police doesn't do anything about it, when confronted with the reality they shake their head, last year they had a couple of problems, the local government said that he will be collecting the dogs .... as usual nothing was done, went there for a week end, lots of Thais enjoying the beach but a lot of parents spend most of their time chasing stray dogs, I rented a motorbike, drove around and got chased by a couple of dogs as well, if they don't do anything to solve the problem, the tourists that were MAYBE thinking about going will change their mind, I for one will not go back

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1 hour ago, Burma Bill said:

With respect, everyone seems to be concerned about the dogs (which I dislike) - what about the little boy? I hope he was given a rabies vaccination and is doing fine.

 that's because many on this site dislike Thai people, it's stated numerous times a day in many various ways. Less morons arriving is a one definite plus of covid..

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6 hours ago, Oldie said:

"Rescue staff said it was the first attack in the area this year after a foreign boy was attacked last year."


And nothing was learned...

they are liars as per some locals, I spoke with while there, 3-4 months ago same same, but not reported,  last month another kid was bitten and went to emergency, he was playing in front of the parents house and stray were looking for food again not reported

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11 hours ago, Freigeist365 said:

Time to Call Soi Dog Foundation! I am quite sure the poor doggies have been completely traumatised by this terrible incident and perhaps need some councelling, extra food and quality dog care time... It's a crazy world we live in...

T... I... T...

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23 hours ago, sweatalot said:

you're totally over. You and some others are beyond sarcasm. Yes, those strays should be taken away. And those who attacked people should be culled immidiately. The owner (or past owner) has to be found and made to pay and be punished. And after there are no more strays left - every new stray should be arrested and the owner found and let him pay for the food and have a heavy punishment

Bla bla bla... the animals need to be collected and euthanised. Let’s have dog foundations while tens of millions of children across the globe haven’t food or shelter !

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On 10/25/2020 at 1:49 PM, Poet said:

For one month, introduce a bounty of 400b per dog corpse delivered to municipal dumps all over Thailand. Human ingenuity, and people working together, will solve this problem.



If you really think so,  you should rather  forward this suggestion to  the government body instead of   posting a comment here in vain.

Even though  you did so,  it is  quite unlikely  for them to slaughter these  creatures officially.

Buddhism  influence is so strong in this kingdom,  that they feel guilty for openly killing even ferocious animals posing threats. 

When 2  vicious dogs attacked 6 children  at the primary school in Chonburi on Oct.8, they used sleep darts.

Not the  live rounds which could  kill them instantly.

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