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Krabi: Tourist's little boy attacked by pack of stray dogs at Ao Nang

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On 10/25/2020 at 1:49 PM, Poet said:

For one month, introduce a bounty of 400b per dog corpse delivered to municipal dumps all over Thailand. Human ingenuity, and people working together, will solve this problem.

Those who wish to give dogs a home before the month commences should be free to do so, but must commit not to abandon them once the novelty wears off.



In this topic,  you seem to be quite concerned about dog attack issue.

On the other hand, you ridicule the one with defense measure against those beasts in another thread.

What makes you that sort of double-tongue?

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Time to cull this nightmare it's out of hand everywhere 🤔

Agree entirely, catch every last one of the damn filthy pests, then a bullet in the head. 

Let’s not over react..   rescued by gardner....I guess family allowed him to wander off w/o supervision or not paying attention to surroundings?   another brake failure?

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2 hours ago, black tabby said:

If you really think so,  you should rather  forward this suggestion to  the government body instead of   posting a comment here in vain.

Is this your first time on a forum?


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Thai administration is less than reluctant to act decisively to help solve stray dog issue.

Still, we can make a difference at individual level.

In short,  it is to make it harder for those beast  to attack  us(people).


Start to carry  around non-lethal, non-toxic defensive weapon when we are outside home.

Fortunately,  overall cost per unit is less than a few dollars.

Easy near-free  replenishment  at home.

Here is a short video for your reference.

Hope it helps.


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On 10/25/2020 at 11:28 AM, from the home of CC said:

........... Less morons arriving is a one definite plus of covid..

From what I read here many of Thai bashers are mostly resident in Thailand. Or at least the majority of bashing posts are made during the asian morning period.

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I love animals ... but something needs to be done urgently.

I have been attached by a soi dog on Second road Pattaya, and it is not a situation I would like to repeat. Remember there are diseases that have no cure.

To hear that the dogs tried to drag the infant away is chilling as these animals only want to take a dump, screw and EAT. These dogs were after food, period.


We need some Soi dogs to go after Government Ministers when they are doing a PR photo shoot with the Media.  😀

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