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"Thoroughly rotten family" rob lottery winners - but police recover the loot

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How do you close an account and take out 2 mil with somebody elses ID card and the wrong signature?

Quite easily ....it seems regards worgeordie

The same way almost 600,000 baht was taken out of my account in a single morning. Thankfully the bank in question admitted it was an inside job and returned all of the money, but it took almost three

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11 hours ago, scammed said:

wasnt there a movie once when the entire family was a bunch of thieves ?

Don't need a movie to tell us that...:))

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How does the couple allow this theft to play out once they realized they were robbed?

all holdings should have been locked immediately...


lot of the blame needs to go to the institutions...where are their safety systems once notified that documents cards and books were stolen?


third world response...

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Let us hope this couple NEVER get the chance to reproduce.

The old mother should have known the son was a loser and refused his mad plan.

But I guess greed is a strong incentive.

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