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SURVEY: Who will win the US Presidential Election?

SURVEY: Who will win the US Presidential Election?  

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IMO Trump will have a clean clear win. The elitist liberal bubbles on the coast do not represent the real America. But the democrats will not accept defeat and claim cheating without clear evidence, t

By any objective measure, Trump will have a clear and complete win.  Just have a look at the crowd response to him vs. Biden. 

Joe Biden he has real policy’s 

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24 minutes ago, johnnybangkok said:

I didn't think it was possible to get this many conspiracy theories into 1 posts but I take my hat off to you sir ! You'vee excelled yourself here.

Now take a well earned break from your survival bunker and go and get yourself a nice treat. Careful you don't take too long. There is a civil war coming after all.

Unfortunately, you may be right. If Trump loses, his supporters will be breaking out their armories, courtesy of the Second Amendment. If Trump wins, expect the black and Hispanic minorities to be protesting all over America. They've had enough.

Can't recall when America was so polarised. Vietnam War, maybe.

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2 minutes ago, Tie Dye Samurai said:

I have friendly wagers with a few friends of mine on what branch and dept actually ushers him out of the White House when he refuses to leave....I chose The Space Force (yes I know I am gonna lose that bet but how awesome would that be...lol)

Wouldn't that be The Not Your Space Any More Force?

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8 hours ago, nobodysfriend said:

America first , and great again

Who first used the phrase "Make America Great Again" for his presidential campaign slogan?


Ronald Reagan.

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