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SURVEY: Who will win the US Presidential Election?

SURVEY: Who will win the US Presidential Election?  

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IMO Trump will have a clean clear win. The elitist liberal bubbles on the coast do not represent the real America. But the democrats will not accept defeat and claim cheating without clear evidence, t

By any objective measure, Trump will have a clear and complete win.  Just have a look at the crowd response to him vs. Biden. 

Joe Biden he has real policy’s 

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19 minutes ago, Lacessit said:

I'm a bit baffled as to the point of your post. It's like saying if Tiger Woods was not a champion golfer, would anyone buy a book on golf by him?


My original statement is that all 4 of the candidates got rich in politics. 

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15 hours ago, Boon Mee said:

It's amazing how folks with good 20/20 vision cannot see before them the obvious vs the fantasy of a Biden win. 

How many supporters do you see turn up at Biden events? A dozen max? 😊 

Because democratic supporters are aware of the danger of the covid visa,

denied by trump and are avoiding crowds. Not like the brainless trump supporters.

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6 hours ago, polpott said:

Not as big a loser as Trump. Nixon didn't do any jail time, Trump will.....lots!


Nixon ran like a dog from Vietnam and Cambodia and then got sacked! Would be nice to see Trump do some time! :thumbsup:

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