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SURVEY: Who will win the US Presidential Election?

SURVEY: Who will win the US Presidential Election?  

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IMO Trump will have a clean clear win. The elitist liberal bubbles on the coast do not represent the real America. But the democrats will not accept defeat and claim cheating without clear evidence, t

By any objective measure, Trump will have a clear and complete win.  Just have a look at the crowd response to him vs. Biden. 

Joe Biden he has real policy’s 

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14 minutes ago, Kelsall said:

Stores on Rodeo drive are preparing for election day riots.


They know Trump will win.



So much more meaningful than this:

Boris Johnson's Conservatives are abandoning Trump in anticipation of a Biden victory

Despite being one of President Trump's closest allies, the UK prime minister is preparing for Democratic nominee Joe Biden to win the presidential election.
Boris Johnson's Conservative government has in recent weeks been trying to a build strong relationship with Biden's team amid a growing belief that Trump is going to lose.
This week former UK Chancellor Sajid Javid, a high-profile Conservative MP, publicly endorsed Biden having previously supported the Republicans.


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Voting seems to be always for the lesser of two evils. Both cream and scum raises to the top and the cream seems to sooner or later become scum also. Wars are going to happen, its a human sickness. Whether its for an idea, resource, or market share. So on that plane it doesn't matter which one I choose.

I am just so sick of hearing about Trump. He really needs to get help with his Tweeting problem. I am sure even if he loses, he won't be out of the picture anytime soon. But besides that I don't like his stand on the environment. To me he is not forward thinking and is in the pocket of oil and coal. His idea of wilderness is the rough at a golf course.



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35 minutes ago, simple1 said:


Good to see a trump supporter finally acknowledging trumps 22k lies and misinformation - congrats!


Biden voted for UN sanctioned intervention in Iraq, The US invasion of Iraq was not sanctioned by the UN. US intervention in Syria, except the response to Assad's chemical attacks, was primarily concentrated on ISIS, are you claiming US should not have assisted with the destruction of ISIS in Syria? Certainly something trump was proud about  after he took over the campaign initiated by Obama. US limited intervention in Serbia was aimed at interrupting war crimes by the Serbians in Kosovo, which was successful, other than that intervention, USA was involved as a NATO member, again trying to put a stop to extremely cruel aggression and war crimes, by the Serbians, especially against civilians.  NATO-led coalition began a military intervention in Libya, to implement United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, in response to events during the Libyan Civil War underscored by Gaddafi's threat  to massacre civilians in Benghazi,

I have no idea where you get your sources from  besides its irrelevant, my point is ,biden is and has been involved in voting for 47 years of  warring and this POTUS has 4 years of no wars .

Now if I had to choose between the lefts narrative of 22k lies and a man who has made a career  of being a politician (just the word politician is corrupt imop)

 I'd choose the no wars guy!


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8 hours ago, Eric Loh said:

Trump has rendered agenda unimportant after all he abandon his agenda for the wall and a new affordable care. This is an election of character and suitability for the highest office in the land and sadly Trump loses in all that departments. 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection - Border Wall System


Actually, considering the fight the Left has waged in favor of ILLEGAL immigration, quite a bit has been finished and work is continuing.

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 Just one of bidens gaffs  are going to cost him dearly in voting imop

"you ain't Black" if you vote for Trump



And the debate gaffe that he lied about on fracking 555 that went viral!



Just being honest here biden is a 47 year man and the swing voter knows it



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