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French Woman Contracted COVID after Quarantine

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I guess the TAT are urgently looking now for an infectious farang or myanmar worker !

Yes French 

It is Fking EVERYWHERE!!! Of course. What's the big deal. Why do these little countries that purportedly display a '0' get up all in arms when it pops up? It was always China, but who cares where it c

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If the 68 million plus people living in Thailand has not been tested for COVID 19 then..... it should be assumed EVERYONE HAS COVID 19!!!! Like Germany no one has been tested here... even then Germany looks like it is heading for WAVE 2!!!

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2 hours ago, lopburi3 said:

the source that can not be quoted reports covid virus has been found on an exercise machine in that hotel.

How fortunate isn't that and what a relief that there is no covid out in the free..

Jabba-dabba-doo 😉

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I saw that after guests 1st negative test they were allowed to walk around for 30-90 minutes a day but where not allowed to use the pool or equipment? 

Screenshot_20201025-111956_Samsung Internet.jpg

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They'll probably find that she's been to Loei, that seemed to be enough to keep the CCSA happy a few months ago when that Thai lady tested positive under similar circumstances. Though at the moment, a visit to Tak might be more appropriate as a cop-out, lol.

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