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French Woman Contracted COVID after Quarantine

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2 minutes ago, Jeffr2 said:

What's something like this that caused the outbreak in Melbourne?  Lax security guards or something like that?


I never actually heard of where they tracked that down too in Melbourne.  With the cold weather moving upon countries now, it looks like its starting to pick up again.

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I guess the TAT are urgently looking now for an infectious farang or myanmar worker !

Yes French 

It is Fking EVERYWHERE!!! Of course. What's the big deal. Why do these little countries that purportedly display a '0' get up all in arms when it pops up? It was always China, but who cares where it c

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3 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

As suspected, possible cross contamination from someone else who was also infected in quarantine.  It just begs to be asked if all members of the staff at the ASQ have been tested as well now.

They have and reportedly all are negative. So far no person she associated with has tested positive...and there is minimal to no direct contact between hotel staff and guests in quarantine. 


What is nto mentioned is whether there were other known positive cases in the same quarantine facility in say the past month.

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     Irresponsible, incorrect headline.  As I posted on another thread, her last covid test was 3 days before she left quarantine.  She could have had the virus and it was missed due to the 3 day period she was not tested prior to her release.  She could have contracted the virus after leaving quarantine but it's also true that she could have had the virus on arrival, perhaps caught at the French airport or on the flight, and it didn't show up during the first 11 days of quarantine.   

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7 hours ago, mr mr said:

no thailand no have covis. thailand number 1. wear mask ride alone on motorcye. thai not do same stupid farang country. not follow rule. not together fight covis. why farang not want stop covis.

Wear mask on motocye but no helmet cause thai very head strong 🤣😂

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3 minutes ago, fred110 said:

tests are not 100% accurate. Test her again.

She has been tested multiple times Fred.  She is showing signs and symptoms of the virus as well, and is in the hospital being treated.

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8 hours ago, daveAustin said:

What happens when 7 billion people have covid and Thailand is still saying zero cases? What would that mean? 

Silly. Prayut ordered the virus to stay away. So what? 😂😂😂

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