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Tourism to the north picks up as winter weather arrives

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Tourism to the north picks up as winter weather arrives

Praphorn Praphornkul




BANGKOK (NNT) - Many northern provinces of the nation have started to see temperatures fall, with Nong Khai among those drawing visitors to its cool weather.


Many domestic tourists have been seen making their way to Ban Muang sub-district in Sangkom district of Nong Khai, which features expansive fields and mountains. They have been drawn by the cool weather and pictures of the area posted to social media. Bookings to the destination have filled up until the end of the year, prompting some residents to open homestays and setup camping sites to meet demand.


The sub-district is currently able to accommodate 1,500 tourists, but demand is rising as people seek to view the Mekong River blanketed in mist during the cool season.


Officials in the area say temperatures have dropped considerably, with dew now forming in the mornings. Campers are advised to prepare plastic bags to protect their valuables from the condensation.


In Chiang Mai, tourism has picked up noticeably for the winter, especially to the flower gardens of Ban Pa Koi Tai in San Phee Suea sub-district.


The gardens were planted by graduates in the area and mostly feature fragrant flowers. Coffee shops in the area have also proven popular.


Flowers are also an attraction in Ban Don Tan of Muang Kaeo sub-district in Mae Rim district, with tourists able to visit fields of flowers, grown for sale.



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They will burn once the crops are all in.  Then the PM 2.5 will increase.  Glad to take a trip to up to Chiang Mai in December for a few days before the burning begins and we can get good views from the top of the mountains.

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