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Sounds about right to me!


Ive been going there for almost 40 years now.


"Most" of the people I know/spoken with etc....seem to have that impression.

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The usual generalisations about Thailand: 


- Prostitutes and Sex Tourism

- Ladyboys

- Beaches

- Temples

- Streetfood


All are accurate generalisations but fail to acknowledge that Thailand is also far more.  In much the same manner not everyone in the UK wears a bowler hat, carries an umbrella or is a football hooligan !


The generalisations also exist on this forum whereby everyone seems to assume everyone else came to Thailand for cheap women !!!! 

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What does the ordinary guy think when you are talking about a Thai massage?


    And a seminar in the capital living in the Nana hotel might raise some questions.


   IMO, Thailand is only known for one thing, which is cheap sex. 


OP, did you come here to visit the temples, create your fish ponds and watch football? 



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