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Butter, Margarine or Fat Spread - What is the healthier option?

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I was reading through some articles about Butter, Margarine and Fat Spread.

Going back in time, Butter was the favourite. Then came margarine - offered as a healthier option to the beloved butter!

And now comes the 'fat spread', slowly pushing the margarine out!

So... what could be considered the 'healthier' option for our daily bread?

And why?


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The current favorite of health nuts (and experts) is clarified butter.   But that seems to change every few years.   I'm still waiting for the day they tell us the perfect health food is a g

I give in every few months...but usually just drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on some toasted bread and it's pretty good

The closer to nature the better, therefore in this case use butter 

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8 hours ago, impulse said:


When did it go out?


Too many carbs, makes you fat, kills your brain cells, stuffs up your liver at the moment, but someone will do a study using 3 people from Outer Mongolia that proves beer (except Chang) is a magic elixa that makes you live forever. 

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There is an extremely heavy tome issued by the WHO entitled " Food, Nutrition and Cancer". It cites all the clinical studies of the various forms of cancer since Adam was a pup. It identifies factors that statistically have contributed to elevated levels of cancer of every type.

In just about every form of cancer there is, high fat and alcohol intake are predisposing attributes.

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