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Military Conscription Waiver after graduation?

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I was wondering if it's possible to apply for the military conscription waiver even though I graduated from university in America already? Would I be able to retroactively use my previous education (and degree) to apply for this waiver? I'm currently based in America.



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Contact them and ask.


Personally I would say no as I believe it is to allow people to continue and complete their education ... you already have.

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I checked the embassy website for more info and it is the same as the LA consulate.

I think the answer is no.

Since this not visa related I moving this topic to the family and children forum.

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In my country, called students have requested the report of their military service, to complete their studies, with supporting evidence.
But in any case they were exempted, they would have been too ashamed not to serve their country.
And they did their military service, for 28 months, 36 months.

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