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'People must brace for new-normal lifestyle for at least two years before Covid-19 is contained'

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On 10/26/2020 at 12:40 AM, lust said:

There’s no such thing as herd immunity with covid 19 according to western doctors.

A vaccine program relies on herd immunity to be successful.  Pro-vaxxers claiming that there is no such thing as herd immunity, to emphesize the need for a vaccine are either totally confused or trying to push an agenda to vaccinate EVERYBODY (a Big Pharma wet dream)...


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people need to stand up and say no.

People need to tell covid deniers to go away.

I don't the think "new normal" is going to last much longer in Europe, unrest developing in Poland, Italy, Germany and the UK. Judging by the Thai protests things will be changing too.

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Coronavirus: 'We're facing a war' - Italy's frontline doctors fear losing control as hospital cases increase

A few days ago, ambulances waited nine hours to admit patients and medics fear they could soon be overwhelmed.

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